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10 advices to take over a restaurant

Have you ever dreamed about opening your own restaurant?reprendre ouvrir restaurant

Why wouldn’t you take over an existing one? If this solution offers many advantages unlike the opening of a new restaurant, it also presents several difficulties you will have to manage. Whether it is about the resumption of a bankrupt restaurant or about a restaurant in full evolution, every detail must be carefully analysed before !

In order to to help you, Swiss Take Away presents you 10 advices to take over a restaurant with the max. chance!

Zoom on the room

Even by buying an already existing restaurant, everything can be again changed – concept, menu, clientele – apart of the room! Therefore it is essential for you to verify that it corresponds to your expectations and to your budget accordingly to the number of possible flatware and the possible developments you would have to make. Besides, verify that it is good in compliance with standards of safety and hygiene because renovations can be very expensive.

Zoom on the place

In addition to the room, the location cannot also be changed and therefore it is important to study all the environment of this restaurant. It will allow you to know better the prospect of your restaurant but also the rival establishments which could overshadow your new restaurant.

Look for the reputation of the quarter and its closeness with public transportation and the parking lots.

Make the inventory to be analysed by a specialist. Indeed, the price of the inventory during the resumption of a restaurant is often overrated!

Attention also during the signature of the commercial lease. Even if the chosen restaurant is for you a crush, it is a long-term commitment. Is the cost of the planned rent in compliance with the market price? It is very difficult to get rid of a commercial lease. Do not hesitate to ask the advice of a specialist.

Your future customers

For any company or business, the clientele is necessarily one of the possible success / bankruptcy key points. Inquire about the current customers of the restaurant and those of the surrounding establishments. Whether it is about privates or professionals clients, several details can change: opening hours, price of the meals, style etc.

If you have the possibility, make a quick survey with the regular clientele of the restaurant: about what are they satisfied, what would they like to see improving, what should you not especially change etc. They are the ideal people to give you a real opinion on the restaurant you want to acquire or to take over.

Web reputation analysis

Because the clientele of a restaurant does not only come from the street, the Web reputation of the establishment is an essential and significant shop window.

Look on the Internet for all the comments about the restaurant. Positive or negative, they will teach you a lot and must be respected if you do not want to make a strategical error during the takeover!

Concept Analysis

In case you take a restaurant over without modifying its concept, it is anyway important to revalue the relevance of this latter. The “fashion” could have changed since its creation and some concepts become very fast “has been”. Help our own market knowledge by visiting other restaurants in the similar concept to learn more.

Attention not to plagiarize however, because remember that your restaurant must be unique for your clientele!

That’s why even if you decide to keep a pre-existent concept, you necessarily have to take of the novelty, at the risk of going into the already made. It is moreover this novelty which will allow you to attract new customers.

Equipments and furniture analysis

If you resume a restaurant with its equipment as it is the case during the transfer of a business, it is very important to analyze the state of this equipment and the furniture. Obselete, former or old-fashioned for the decoration, it would be a pity to have to buy again everything on the following year!

If possible, visit the restaurant with a professional of the kitchen equipment, which will be able to inform you about their real state, away to give you an idea of what will you have to spend investments for.

Staff analysis

The choice of a skilled staff is a success key factor for your restaurant. While the collective agreement proposes bases minimum for their management – do not hesitate to pay them beyond the legal minimum. Objective: from competent, dynamic, happy and faithful employees.

Analyze the current distribution of the tasks by listening to what the team has for proposal of improvement. The functioning of a working team is a decisive factor in the success of a restaurant. In the plate as in the room, consider harmony as the ultimate purpose!

Financial diagnosis

For this part a little bit technical, it is recommended to surround yourself with a professional. Actually, before taking a restaurant over, it is essential that you make a complete financial analysis. Payroll, rent, charges, cost of ingredients … Everything must be analyzed.

Look at the current turnover of the restaurant and then assess your own objectives and possibilities. Before making a so considerable investment, it is essential to analyze its value such as its potential and to compare the results with your objectives and with your business plan.

Contracts and licenses transfer

Several contracts of business transfer models already exist. Use a lawyer to know exactly what the contract involves. In Switzerland, every canton has its own legislations. You will find all the necessary information on the page Swiss Take Away’s blog.

Look for professionals opinion!

Because it is a great beginning adventure for you, the best advice can only be to surround itself well! Lawyers, accountants, experts in the culinary consulting… Each advice can be nothing but useful for you and help you managing at best your beautiful project!

For that purpose, Swiss Take Away assists you in your project and proposes you his consulting services in the takeover of a restaurant. Come benefit from his best trainings and integrate our network by contacting us via the form of contact. Our advisers will answer you as quickly as possible to give you more information to all our offers.

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