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How to choose your caterer ?

How to choose a caterer?

This is an important question that you surely have faced by organizing your wedding, family celebration or any other event. Indeed, the meal is one of the most important points of an event and it is therefore crucial for you to find the best partner of your party! To help you, Swiss Take Away gives you the best advices to choose the best caterer and make your party a success!

The best caterer for your party

What kind of caterer ?

Before choosing a caterer, it is important to think about how you want your party to look like. If you still hesitate, it’s time for you to decide because these details are very important for your choice of caterer. Seated dinner or cocktail, hot or cold buffet, the choice is yours. Some caterers are specialized in buffets, others in three-courses menus for example!

A specialized caterer

Have you selected a theme for your event? Depending on your wishes, choose a specialized caterer for an Indian, Chinese or Lebanese buffet. The opportunity to make your guests travel through the taste buds!

Specific requests

If you or some of your guests follow a particular diet (hallal, kosher, vegetarian …) or if you know that certain foods are to be avoided because of food allergies, know that some caterers are specialized in these requests. You will be able to find a kosher caterer but also another one specialized in the caterer without gluten or lactose.
Once you’ve settled on these issues, you’ll be able to make a better decision about which caterer to choose for your event.

Find the right caterer for your event

Once you almost know what kind of meal you want to organize, you need now  to find the real gem that will organize it just for you. To find a caterer, several methods exist: word of mouth, but also the specialized directories.

Note that depending on the chosen room, some places need to work with a particular caterer or you’ll have to pick one from an already selected list of caterers.

After making the list of caterers that might suit you, ask them for a quote but mostly, ignore your instinct. If it is a custom menu, it is particularly important that you feel there is a good feeling between you and the caterer, but also that he understands what you want.

Specify all the practical details: your budget and the number of cutelry, the place where the event will take place (indoors or in the garden, at home or in a reception room …), the different schedules (cocktail, start of the meal …) as well as obviously all your wishes for the meal. Let yourself be guided through our on-line form.

After selecting the caterer, you have the right (and it’s even recommended!) To do tastings. They are often chargeable but generally, the price is then removed from the total sum if you sign with this caterer.

On Swiss Take Away, we offer you a directory of specialized caterers in events. With a long experience in this field, these professionals will bring to your party all their gastronomic knowledge for a unique and tasty moment!

Choosing a caterer on Swiss Takeaway is the guarantee of an outstanding catering service and therefore a celebration more than successful! For more information on all caterers in your area, visit our website in the “Caterers” section.

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What are the services offered by a caterer?

To organize an event, family (wedding, birthday, baptism …) or professional (business seminar, incentive …), there is  nothing better but to call a caterer. Organizing an event often requires a sustained attention for a lot of detail and using a caterer is often a good solution to avoid any additional stress. For a wedding or a corporate seminar it is even an obvious choice, given the number of guests and the importance of the moment.

But what are the services offered by a caterer? What can you expect from them and what can you ask them for? The answer is not unequivocal because everything depends on the chosen caterer. In this article you will find all the points to be specified with your caterer in order to know all the services that it proposes.

A caterer for a personalized party

If the first advantage of a caterer is the avoiding of all the stress about organizing the meal. You should also know that with a caterer you can easily customize everything to make your party a unique moment .

According to your budget, you can choose a tailor-made menu or not, but also a hot or cold meal formula, served at table or buffet. Some caterers are specialized in foreign cuisines though you can order a Chinese, Lebanese or Japanese menu. Also choose whether you prefer a modern or rather traditional kitchen.

Some caterers offer a drinks package including wine and champagne, it is up to you to check this point with the caterer of your choice. If you want a wedding cake, also ask if your caterer does. Otherwise, you will need to order one separately from a pastry chef.

Catering: everything included

It is important to inquire at your caterer if it provides tables, chairs and cutlery. Some caterers offer several colors of tablecloths, towels and even folding patterns.

Apart of a hot or cold buffet, you will need room staff to bring the dishes and rid. Your caterer should be able to confirm these details.

Also check if the price includes a cleaning package. You do not want to stay after your evening to clean everything up alone!

If you want to spice up your evening, please note that some caterers offer culinary activities such as smoothies, sweets or sushi made in front of your eyes. Ask your caterer what he offers, it might surprise you!

Swiss Take Away: the best Swiss caterers on one site

To conclude, a caterer in general is far from proposing only the meal. Create your tailor-made evening with him, from the menu to the color of the plates. For the best caterers in your area, a simple search on the site of Swiss Take Away will be able to list a wide range of cuisine professionals. Classified by specialty and region, choose the perfect gastronomic partner for your event and opt for an exceptional festive and culinary moment. See you on Swiss Take Away.

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10 advices to make his restaurant profitable

Whether you have opening or to taking over an existing restaurant as a project, once the first steps successfully passed, there will be still the main step: which is to continue making your restaurant profitable on the long term.

In its series of articles on the culinary consulting, Swiss Take Away presents you today 10 advices to boost the rentability of your restaurant. Make your choice and good luck!


1. Work on the concept

The concept of a restaurant is, besides the quality of the menu, the determining factor of its success. It is thus important to non-stop hone it to be always up to date with the trends. Do not be afraid of changing and proposing meals meeting to the new needs for your customers! For example: vegan cooking, rowfood (vineyard), glutenfree, the use of BIO products! Value your offers and your concept with your customers and propose them the take away!

2. Novelties in the menu

Not to tire your customers, propose some new meals often, no matter of it is according to the seasons or the arrivals. Keep nevertheless the classics but do not be afraid of proposing of the novelty. Obviously, be always coherent with your theme / concept!

3. Novelties in the supplies

Think of diversifying the offer of your restaurant to reach the largest number possible, increasing the rentability each hour. The morning for example is the perfect moment to propose brunches (very fashionably these days). In the afternoon which is often the off-peak time restaurant, do propose some pastries and with hot tee. In the evening, do share with your customers some excellent cocktails! And for the “in a hurry” customers, think of proposing delicious take away food – Who can by the way serve you as calling cards for the people who still do not know your restaurant!

4. Study your competitors

It is essential to always keep an eye on the competitors. Whether the establishments are surrounding you or on the Internet, to know what happen around you can only help you to improve and offer the best of yourself.

5. Make your banqueting halls rentable for seminars or training!

Restaurants do not use the rooms of their establishment at their maximum. Only for a minimum of investment, which means the purchase of a projector and a white screen, the dining rooms become an ideal welcome place for a teambuilding, a seminary, a private event or a training. Do not forget to promote it to the companies of your region!

6. Transform your restaurant in a culture place

Several restaurants show artworks on their walls. Contact the artists of your city or quarter to know if they would be interested in such a partnership. With a benefit for any purchase of work and the organization of various varnishings, your restaurant can quickly become a place of culture, attracting gourmands and art lovers!

Also propose your restaurant to associations as a place for debates or conferences.

7. Transform your restaurant in a co-working room

Nowadays while the co-working spaces are rising, a young start-up, FrenchWork, has just been created in France with the clever idea to monetize the off-peak hours of restaurants to make it workspaces. In return of a financial remuneration, rent your restaurant during its free time hours and benefit, besides the sum of the rent, the visibility increased with new customers!

8. Develop the loyalty of your customers

Cherish your customers by proposing them the whole year “faithful” special offers, competitions, music but also offers sponsoring, birthday, etc.

9. The terrace? Not only in summer!

Invest in a closable terrace to be able to share it with your customers all year round. Several solutions exist, up to you to choose among the existing models! Attention however do not put a too important number of cutlery. We kindly remind you that for the installation of a terrace you will have to ask for an authorization from your municipality.

10. Invest without stopping

These advices can obviously turn out useful but the most important is still to be ceaselessly keeping investing in your restaurant. Just remember that more than anything, your motivation is the key of your success! Go ahead without fear, listen to your entourage remarks and trust yourself, you are already on the right way.

For more advices and for an even more personalized follow-up, please contact us as quickly as possible on Swiss Take Away. One of our advisers will come back to you as soon as possible!

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10 advices to take over a restaurant

Have you ever dreamed about opening your own restaurant?reprendre ouvrir restaurant

Why wouldn’t you take over an existing one? If this solution offers many advantages unlike the opening of a new restaurant, it also presents several difficulties you will have to manage. Whether it is about the resumption of a bankrupt restaurant or about a restaurant in full evolution, every detail must be carefully analysed before !

In order to to help you, Swiss Take Away presents you 10 advices to take over a restaurant with the max. chance!

Zoom on the room

Even by buying an already existing restaurant, everything can be again changed – concept, menu, clientele – apart of the room! Therefore it is essential for you to verify that it corresponds to your expectations and to your budget accordingly to the number of possible flatware and the possible developments you would have to make. Besides, verify that it is good in compliance with standards of safety and hygiene because renovations can be very expensive.

Zoom on the place

In addition to the room, the location cannot also be changed and therefore it is important to study all the environment of this restaurant. It will allow you to know better the prospect of your restaurant but also the rival establishments which could overshadow your new restaurant.

Look for the reputation of the quarter and its closeness with public transportation and the parking lots.

Make the inventory to be analysed by a specialist. Indeed, the price of the inventory during the resumption of a restaurant is often overrated!

Attention also during the signature of the commercial lease. Even if the chosen restaurant is for you a crush, it is a long-term commitment. Is the cost of the planned rent in compliance with the market price? It is very difficult to get rid of a commercial lease. Do not hesitate to ask the advice of a specialist.

Your future customers

For any company or business, the clientele is necessarily one of the possible success / bankruptcy key points. Inquire about the current customers of the restaurant and those of the surrounding establishments. Whether it is about privates or professionals clients, several details can change: opening hours, price of the meals, style etc.

If you have the possibility, make a quick survey with the regular clientele of the restaurant: about what are they satisfied, what would they like to see improving, what should you not especially change etc. They are the ideal people to give you a real opinion on the restaurant you want to acquire or to take over.

Web reputation analysis

Because the clientele of a restaurant does not only come from the street, the Web reputation of the establishment is an essential and significant shop window.

Look on the Internet for all the comments about the restaurant. Positive or negative, they will teach you a lot and must be respected if you do not want to make a strategical error during the takeover!

Concept Analysis

In case you take a restaurant over without modifying its concept, it is anyway important to revalue the relevance of this latter. The “fashion” could have changed since its creation and some concepts become very fast “has been”. Help our own market knowledge by visiting other restaurants in the similar concept to learn more.

Attention not to plagiarize however, because remember that your restaurant must be unique for your clientele!

That’s why even if you decide to keep a pre-existent concept, you necessarily have to take of the novelty, at the risk of going into the already made. It is moreover this novelty which will allow you to attract new customers.

Equipments and furniture analysis

If you resume a restaurant with its equipment as it is the case during the transfer of a business, it is very important to analyze the state of this equipment and the furniture. Obselete, former or old-fashioned for the decoration, it would be a pity to have to buy again everything on the following year!

If possible, visit the restaurant with a professional of the kitchen equipment, which will be able to inform you about their real state, away to give you an idea of what will you have to spend investments for.

Staff analysis

The choice of a skilled staff is a success key factor for your restaurant. While the collective agreement proposes bases minimum for their management – do not hesitate to pay them beyond the legal minimum. Objective: from competent, dynamic, happy and faithful employees.

Analyze the current distribution of the tasks by listening to what the team has for proposal of improvement. The functioning of a working team is a decisive factor in the success of a restaurant. In the plate as in the room, consider harmony as the ultimate purpose!

Financial diagnosis

For this part a little bit technical, it is recommended to surround yourself with a professional. Actually, before taking a restaurant over, it is essential that you make a complete financial analysis. Payroll, rent, charges, cost of ingredients … Everything must be analyzed.

Look at the current turnover of the restaurant and then assess your own objectives and possibilities. Before making a so considerable investment, it is essential to analyze its value such as its potential and to compare the results with your objectives and with your business plan.

Contracts and licenses transfer

Several contracts of business transfer models already exist. Use a lawyer to know exactly what the contract involves. In Switzerland, every canton has its own legislations. You will find all the necessary information on the page Swiss Take Away’s blog.

Look for professionals opinion!

Because it is a great beginning adventure for you, the best advice can only be to surround itself well! Lawyers, accountants, experts in the culinary consulting… Each advice can be nothing but useful for you and help you managing at best your beautiful project!

For that purpose, Swiss Take Away assists you in your project and proposes you his consulting services in the takeover of a restaurant. Come benefit from his best trainings and integrate our network by contacting us via the form of contact. Our advisers will answer you as quickly as possible to give you more information to all our offers.

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10 advices to create a restaurant in Switzerland

You wish to launch into the opening of your restaurant?

comment ouvrir son restaurantHave you ever dreamed about opening your own restaurant? A place which resemble you and where you could serve a delicious cooking to the original theme? Swiss Take Away presents you here 10 advices to open a restaurant in Switzerland.
Obviously, every advice represents a decisive step in the organization of your project and it is thus very important to neglect no part!

Find a winner concept

Nowadays, with the rise of the media and the social networks, a consumer does not go to the restaurant just to eat anymore. It is thus the originality of the place that, maybe even before the menu, can charm him! Therefore, it is important to think about an original and unique concept to be able to mark down you from the opening of your new restaurant.
Name, atmosphere, menu, type of clientele, all that details are to be studied away to be able to propose to your customers a restaurant they will adore!

Find the perfect place for your restaurant

The location of your new restaurant is one of the most important criteria for the success of your project. Several details are to be analyzed as the presence of parking lots nearby, other restaurants or public transportation. You also must verify that there is enough passage and that the passers-by are a part of your aimed clientele (tourists or professionals the time of a meal break?).

The area of the room is also an important criterion because from there will depend the number of possible cutleries.

Do a market research before opening your restaurant

Before launching you into, make a market study in the district which interests you to open your restaurant. Go to tasting the restaurants of your quarter and try to estimate the clientele which sits at the table on the place: what is their budget? Their expectations? Of how long have they to eat?

Keep an eye open at the time of the lunch break and look where are the longest queue and why these restaurants work more than others.

Build the provisional budget/business plan of your future restaurant

This step is crucial because it will later convince your future partners (the investors, the owners of the local) about the viability of your project.
To build the business plan of your restaurant you will firstly have to determine the initial financial plan, those which will allow you to open your restaurant – including the purchase of furniture, cooking equipment, decoration, cutlery, etc.
Secondly, by studying the price of your menus and the daily charges of your restaurant (foodstuffs, price of the rent, staff expenses, etc.), to establish an idea which will allow you to see if you can cover the charges of the restaurant according to the minimum turnover to realize.
This stage is rather impressive and can put off more than one because of high detail attention it requires. Fortunately, several business plans models of restaurants exist on the Internet, they should be able to help you to see more clearly and to easily calculate your breakeven point as well as a sustainable financial plan. You can also ask for a consulting from Swiss Take Away which will help you in this very important step.

Recruiting staff to open a restaurant

To recruit some skilled staff for the opening of your new restaurant is a delicate task but so much important. At this point will depend the atmosphere in cooking but also in room, according to their motivation and their degree of experience. Especially at the beginning, while you begin, you must surround yourself with motivated profiles ready to follow you throughout the “birth” of your restaurant.

To recruit, several solutions exist: the word of mouth, the traditional sites of announcements but also some specialized in the recruitment of the domain of the restoration.

You can also contact the schools of restoration and hotel business of the region to put down announcements there directly.

The administrative status of your restaurant

Before opening your restaurant, you will have to fulfill several administrative formalities which can differ according to your canton.

You will need to obtain a restaurant owner’s license with a short education but also a specialized license if your establishment sells on-site or take away eat, proposes alcoholic drinks or not, offers catering services, etc. Other trainings can be necessary.

Contact the business police department of your canton for more information. Swiss Take Away gives you the keys to open a restaurant in Switzerland.

Choose the legal status of your restaurant

There are several legal statuses according to the form of exploitation chosen as your restaurant. It is advised to appeal to a legal advisor so that they can recommend you the status the most adapted to your situation. Swiss Take Away offers you this possibility thanks to its simple and effective legal department. Contact your Chamber of Commerce and the job center of your canton to be able to receive advice and support during all the constitution of your project there.

Manage the communication in the restaurant

The advertising is very important because at the beginning it will especially attract the gourmands towards your new restaurant. For that purpose, neglect no media, whenever it is digital or not: Facebook, Instagram, flyers, tasting in the street, registration to generic directories or with platforms of restaurants such as Swiss Takeaway.

It is also very important to have a quality Web site including the possibility of reserving on the spot, the presence of the menu and the today’s meals.

Optimize it at the maximum with a good strategy as well as an enthusiastic and resourceful community manager.

Delivery and Restauration

Nowadays, more and more people call on to the delivery service of meals from restaurants. You can choose to commit your own deliverers but also trust to companies specialized in the meal deliveries such as Smood, Foodarena, Eatzer, etc. Be careful though, these delivery services have a very high cost.

On Swiss Take Away, the model is different. Once a significant number of restaurants by district or region is reached, a delivery system is organized. Expenses are then shared.

Motivation, creativity & determination

To become restaurant owner is a long-term job which requires a lot of motivation and investments. But you should not lose your courage anyway: surround yourselves with good people, believe in yourself, and you will reach the target!

Motivation, creativity and determination are the key words of the wonderful adventure which is waiting for you!

On this good advice, we invite you to discover the other advice articles on the opening or the takeover of a restaurant. Discover them in the column “culinary Consulting” of your blog Swiss Take Away!

Need for help? Contact us via our form of contact for any request of advice and support. Our advisers are available for any question or request of information!

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How to open its restaurant in Switzerland ?

Before opening your restaurant, 10 essential points to follow :

comment ouvrir son restaurant

In Switzerland at the national level:

  1. Choose your company typ:
  2. The court’s responsibility to complete the insurance of damages water and fire
  3. His concept of hygiene and auto-control creation (HACCP)
  4. Apply for the permit application and show an ability certificate (according to the canton – further information below)
  5. Respecting the special regulations (alcohol, noise, etc.)
  6. To inform about the national collective agreement and to respect it (L-GAV – compulsory for the Swiss hospitality industry)
  7. To comply with the regulations of tobacco consumption, hygienic regulations, fire protection and building protection
  8. Sign up for SUISA for copyright & music use
  9. Register his employees at the social insurance & the pension fund (2nd pillar) and conclude a contract with the accident insurance and health insurance
  10. Register at the VAT

The secrets to open your restaurant without difficulty

Before you get started, get the best advice for your project! What are the administrative procedures? Is my project viable? What to start with ? What are the pitfalls to avoid … in addition to the training, receive an hour of professional consulting on your project of opening or resumption of restaurant! Courses are given in french.

  • Yverdon, Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 19:00
  • Geneva, Thursday 16 November 2017 at 19:00
  • Neuchâtel, Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 19:00
  • Lausanne, Thursday 23 November 2017 at 19:00

Are you lost? Do you need help?

Contact our experts in gastronomy!

Canton by canton

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Eating healthy and local – Discovery: Mö in Bienne Biel – Take a Win

Eating healthy and local !

At Swiss Take Away we defend “healthy eating” and with Baby Farmer Food we believe that these good habits should not wait for the number of years.
We also love to simplify your life!
That’s why, at the beginning of May, you can book your table, order your dishes and pay online (the invoice will be sent to you by email) in order to enjoy a meal with your colleagues, your team or your family.

Take a Win !

Your favorite restaurant is still not on Swiss Take Away!
Why not send an invitation to subscribe – through Swiss Take Away!
You will earn a 20.-CHF voucher.
It’s your turn !

Just joined !

(pronounced meuh): a meat restaurant, pure Swiss beef in different tartars, handmade hamburgers and tasty and tender red meat pieces.

Discover the menu online

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Newsletter: Have you read our first newsletter?

Our first newsletter has been online for a few days.

We want to share with you the most useful information without asking you too often; So we offer you a monthly sending by email around the 15th of each month.
To receive this newsletter. Please register using the online form.

This monthly appointment will be an opportunity to give you more details about:

  • New services,
  • New partners
  • New members

But also of the promotion actions implemented and their impact.
A few days ago, Swiss Take Away was officially launched at two “press events” in Biel/Bienne and Lausanne.

Several media have relayed our initiative with interest and seriousness and we thank them for it.

In Biel, our ambassadors have joined us to testify their experience and it was with pleasure that they could exchange with the press representatives present.

Newsletter : les ambassadeurs de SwissTakeAway à Bienne

In Lausanne, Swiss Take Away welcomed the press at TACAVE.
TACAVE is the first crowfunded wine bar in Switzerland and we thank them for the quality of the welcome and the wines !!!
We would also like to thank the representatives of (HIEG and HE-ARC) for their support of the former Estèle Geiger student.

If you would like to join the Swiss Take Away community as a

  • Professional catering, or
  • Of the sale, or
  • Amateur wise and greedy

Subscribe to our newsletter and / or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Enjoy 🙂

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Tourism and Catering – Do you want a piece of the pie?

The art of reception tailored to ensure that everyone, whatever their nationality,
feels at home in your establishment!

conseil restauration toursimeYou enjoy receiving guests in your establishment, and your guests appreciate your services and the quality of your cuisine.
To ensure that both your clients and your staff feel at ease, it is useful to understand your clients’ preferences and habits 🙂
Now that more and more people travel, you certainly have the chance to welcome guests from all four corners of the globe, albeit only for a short stay.
These globetrotters are generally savvy consumers, full of curiosity and goodwill towards your establishment.

For instance, did you know that German tourists

appreciate a certain autonomy during their stay? They value cleanliness and comfort, and want the service to be efficient, fast and smooth.
They are visitors for whom the stay ‘experience’ (i.e. atmosphere, comfort, decor, etc.) is paramount. They like to be reassured about both the prices and the itinerary. They attach importance to the reliability of printed information, and to the extra security it provides. For Germans, meal times are as follows: breakfast between 8:30-10am, lunch around 12:30pm and dinner at 7pm.

 Belgian travelers

cherish good hospitality. They especially want a warm welcome. They are accustomed to having all information available in three languages (i.e. their three official languages). The Belgians have breakfast between 8-10am, lunch between 12-1pm, and dinner at around 6pm. They are guests who like the interaction with professionals to be cordial, as they greatly appreciate authenticity and conviviality. It is worth noting that most Belgians prefer economy accommodation.

As for the Dutch,

they eat at the same time as the Belgians. The Dutch are courteous and direct clients who appreciate an efficient and speedy service. They are quite prepared to spend if the price is right.
If you receive American tourists, bear in mind that they are sensitive to the recommendations of their friends & family, as well as to the reviews of other tourists. They prefer luxury stays where all the services are included, but they also appreciate it when the establishment takes account of any specific needs and requests they may have during their stay. As regards their meal times: breakfast between 8:30-10am, lunch between 12-1pm, and dinner at 6pm.

Japanese tourists

attach particular importance to hospitality, which they deem excellent when it is on par with Japanese standards. The Japanese are discrete guests, who especially consider it important that any requests they may have are shown extra attention. They like order and accuracy and hate the unexpected. They therefore have a constant need to be reassured when they find themselves in unknown, unsettling situations. In Japan, bowing is a genuine sign of courtesy, and they also value hygiene.
More often than not, they are not fluent in English, but prefer not to reveal directly that they don’t understand something. Consequently, they like to have information available in Japanese.  For inhabitants of the ‘Land of the Rising sun’, meal times are as follows: Breakfast between 6-9am, lunch between 12-1pm and dinner after 7pm.

Chinese tourists

can be very demanding, and are attentive to the quality of the hospitality. They like any difficulties or problems that may arise to be resolved quickly. One of their peculiarities is they like to have hot water available throughout the day. They often refer to pictures and photographs to help them decide, especially when booking the hotel. They usually look for ways of pre-reserving on the Internet.
They like information to be ‘official’, and generally choose to visit well-known places or typical tourist spots.
Many are especially fond of wines and spirits, and are eager to attend tasting sessions.
Like other tourists from Asia, the Chinese need to be particularly reassured in light of the increasing incidents of fraud and cybercrime (e.g. scams and theft) in recent years; they are generally anxious about security issues. Chinese tourists are veritable ‘serial shoppers’, and they are constantly hyper-connected.
As for their meal times: Breakfast is between 7-8am, lunch between 12-1pm and dinner between 6:30 and 8pm.


tend not to speak any other languages, so a few welcoming words in Russian will help to make them feel comfortable. They attach much importance to high-quality service, and when embarking on their cultural discovery, they treat gastronomy as an experience in its own right. Well-to-do Russians reserve a table in internationally reputed restaurants. Providing menus in Russian is a real plus.
Russians are very keen to sample traditional Swiss cuisine, especially wines (tasting sessions never go amiss) and cheeses. As guests, they are extremely appreciative of the attention they are shown. Generally, they have breakfast between 7-9am, lunch between 1-3pm, and dinner around 9pm.

Indian tourists

who consider visiting Switzerland to be a sign of wealth, appreciate premium services. They want to receive personalised advice, and more consideration shown to their cultural differences. Like many tourists, they generally travel in groups. They eat their meals in Indian restaurants, and prefer vegetarian cuisine. They expect to be welcomed in English. Indians eat at the following times:   breakfast between 7:30-8:30am, lunch between 12-1pm, and dinner between 6-7pm.

By satisfying the wants and needs of tourists visiting Switzerland, i.e. by proposing offers and services that take into account your guests’ culture, expectations and usual habits, you will boost both the profile of your establishment and the image of Swiss gastronomy.
Tourism from abroad represents a significant piece of the economic pie: tourism in Switzerland generates an average turnover of CHF15 billion thanks to tourists from abroad!

So do you fancy a piece of the pie?