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How to choose your caterer ?

How to choose a caterer?

This is an important question that you surely have faced by organizing your wedding, family celebration or any other event. Indeed, the meal is one of the most important points of an event and it is therefore crucial for you to find the best partner of your party! To help you, Swiss Take Away gives you the best advices to choose the best caterer and make your party a success!

The best caterer for your party

What kind of caterer ?

Before choosing a caterer, it is important to think about how you want your party to look like. If you still hesitate, it’s time for you to decide because these details are very important for your choice of caterer. Seated dinner or cocktail, hot or cold buffet, the choice is yours. Some caterers are specialized in buffets, others in three-courses menus for example!

A specialized caterer

Have you selected a theme for your event? Depending on your wishes, choose a specialized caterer for an Indian, Chinese or Lebanese buffet. The opportunity to make your guests travel through the taste buds!

Specific requests

If you or some of your guests follow a particular diet (hallal, kosher, vegetarian …) or if you know that certain foods are to be avoided because of food allergies, know that some caterers are specialized in these requests. You will be able to find a kosher caterer but also another one specialized in the caterer without gluten or lactose.
Once you’ve settled on these issues, you’ll be able to make a better decision about which caterer to choose for your event.

Find the right caterer for your event

Once you almost know what kind of meal you want to organize, you need now  to find the real gem that will organize it just for you. To find a caterer, several methods exist: word of mouth, but also the specialized directories.

Note that depending on the chosen room, some places need to work with a particular caterer or you’ll have to pick one from an already selected list of caterers.

After making the list of caterers that might suit you, ask them for a quote but mostly, ignore your instinct. If it is a custom menu, it is particularly important that you feel there is a good feeling between you and the caterer, but also that he understands what you want.

Specify all the practical details: your budget and the number of cutelry, the place where the event will take place (indoors or in the garden, at home or in a reception room …), the different schedules (cocktail, start of the meal …) as well as obviously all your wishes for the meal. Let yourself be guided through our on-line form.

After selecting the caterer, you have the right (and it’s even recommended!) To do tastings. They are often chargeable but generally, the price is then removed from the total sum if you sign with this caterer.

On Swiss Take Away, we offer you a directory of specialized caterers in events. With a long experience in this field, these professionals will bring to your party all their gastronomic knowledge for a unique and tasty moment!

Choosing a caterer on Swiss Takeaway is the guarantee of an outstanding catering service and therefore a celebration more than successful! For more information on all caterers in your area, visit our website in the “Caterers” section.

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What are the services offered by a caterer?

To organize an event, family (wedding, birthday, baptism …) or professional (business seminar, incentive …), there is  nothing better but to call a caterer. Organizing an event often requires a sustained attention for a lot of detail and using a caterer is often a good solution to avoid any additional stress. For a wedding or a corporate seminar it is even an obvious choice, given the number of guests and the importance of the moment.

But what are the services offered by a caterer? What can you expect from them and what can you ask them for? The answer is not unequivocal because everything depends on the chosen caterer. In this article you will find all the points to be specified with your caterer in order to know all the services that it proposes.

A caterer for a personalized party

If the first advantage of a caterer is the avoiding of all the stress about organizing the meal. You should also know that with a caterer you can easily customize everything to make your party a unique moment .

According to your budget, you can choose a tailor-made menu or not, but also a hot or cold meal formula, served at table or buffet. Some caterers are specialized in foreign cuisines though you can order a Chinese, Lebanese or Japanese menu. Also choose whether you prefer a modern or rather traditional kitchen.

Some caterers offer a drinks package including wine and champagne, it is up to you to check this point with the caterer of your choice. If you want a wedding cake, also ask if your caterer does. Otherwise, you will need to order one separately from a pastry chef.

Catering: everything included

It is important to inquire at your caterer if it provides tables, chairs and cutlery. Some caterers offer several colors of tablecloths, towels and even folding patterns.

Apart of a hot or cold buffet, you will need room staff to bring the dishes and rid. Your caterer should be able to confirm these details.

Also check if the price includes a cleaning package. You do not want to stay after your evening to clean everything up alone!

If you want to spice up your evening, please note that some caterers offer culinary activities such as smoothies, sweets or sushi made in front of your eyes. Ask your caterer what he offers, it might surprise you!

Swiss Take Away: the best Swiss caterers on one site

To conclude, a caterer in general is far from proposing only the meal. Create your tailor-made evening with him, from the menu to the color of the plates. For the best caterers in your area, a simple search on the site of Swiss Take Away will be able to list a wide range of cuisine professionals. Classified by specialty and region, choose the perfect gastronomic partner for your event and opt for an exceptional festive and culinary moment. See you on Swiss Take Away.