Caterer baptism

Caterer Baptism: a wide choice of caterers

Need a baptism caterer for your child’s birthday? Swiss Take Away offers you a wide range of caterers specialized in baptism and communion in the regions of Geneva, Lausanne, Sion and the rest of Switzerland for a perfect organization of all your events! For a convivial meal in simplicity or a diner buffet, all the formulas exist in order to answer as close as possible to your expectations and your budget.

The numerous baptism and events caterers present in the region will be able to compose with you the perfect tailor-made baptism menu while respecting your financial and other criteria: the solution to find a baptism caterer at a cheap price!

Baptism caterer: choose your menu!

Depending on the party you want to organize, different menu options for baptism are available to you. Some like to celebrate their child’s baptism in two parts: a first wine of honor immediately after the ceremony for all the guests and a second meal a little later, for a smaller number of guests. This option is rather economical because it allows you to restrict the number of guests for the evening where the cost of the meal is necessarily more expensive!

If the baptism celebration is centered around the child, you can ask for a formula specially adapted for small guests: to be sure that they will finish their plates!

When talking with your baptism caterer, let him know your budget, but also the theme you want to give to your party, as well as the number of guests and the dietary restrictions that exist among the guests. This will allow you to propose a formula perfectly adapted to all your needs and to arrange you on a cheap price for your menu of baptism. Buffet, menu or cocktail, discover the many possibilities available to you and plan your event as you have always dreamed!

Swiss Take Away: our selection of baptism caterers

Specializing in baptism meals, these caterers offer you a set of baptism menus adapted to your party’s atmosphere . We have selected for you 12 caterers who already have a great experience in baptism catering for a successful event!

– Home gourmet
Au petit délice
Fouad traiteur
Chez Yoshi
Aux délices d’Orient
Terre Vaudoise
Lobby Bar
– Café l’ami-ami
La Caravane Passe
Lion d’Or

For more information on the organization of your event and the catering service, please contact us via the contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project!