Catering in canton Vaud

Catering Vaud: a wide choice for all your events

catering-traiteur-vaud-caterer-nyon-lausanne-montreux-veveyYou live in the canton of Vaud and you have a family event that approaches, wedding, birthday, baptism? It’s time to think about the catering service that will take care of your reception! And for this Swiss Take Away helps you to find the best caterer in Vaud that will be able to realize the different types of events you might have to organize! Whether it’s a delivery, a home-based catering in Lausanne or Yverdon-les-Bains, a wedding caterer for Montreux or Renens, or the services of a chef at home in Nyon or Vevey, You will find a wide range of caterers in Vaud, able to realize the most beautiful events.

Caterer Vaud: Italian, Thai, Delivery, Home Delivery

Have you ever chosen the theme of your meal? Traditional or exotic, different types of caterers are there to accompany you in all your events. Indeed, why not opt ​​for Saveur Et Santé, caterer of Vegan on Pompaples for your party? An original choice that will surely astonish your guests! For a more classic menu, Mauro Botazzi the Italian caterer of Lausanne will win all the votes!

Thai caterers (such as Saveurs D’ailleurs to Lausanne) are also increasingly fashionable at wedding, their light and exotic cuisine are famous in all the most chic festivals! And do not be afraid to flaunt your budget because all our caterers in Vaud are at your service for creating a delicious menu but also adapted to your budget! Enjoy personalized accompaniment that will satisfy all your expectations.

Caterers in canton of Vaud: Our selection

Whether it is for a wedding caterer or a catering service for business, vocatering-traiteur-vaudus will find on Swiss Take Away the best catering services in the canton of Vaud. For you, Swiss Takeaway has selected the best caterers traveling on Vaud (Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, Montreux, Renens, Nyon, Vevey …):

Terre Vaudoise

Be Oh Traiteur Bio

Contre Goûts

– Keyann Bistro Libanais

– Lavaux Rêves

Choose the caterer that suits you and trust the catering professionals of the canton of Vaud to make your party an unforgettable and tasty one!

Contact us for more information and one of our advisors will remind you as soon as possible to study your project and your desires!