Caterer Communion – Confirmation – Bar Mitzvah

Catering Communion: a wide choice for all your events

Is your child preparing to celebrate his communion, his confirmation or his Bat and Bar Mitzvah? This event is a great day in your childhood and to bring this event successful, Swiss Takea Away is here to help you find the best caterer for your child’s communion, confirmation or bar mitzvah meal.

Our caterers are present in all the regions of Switzerland: Geneva, Sion, Neuchatel, Lausanne … to organize the most beautiful festivities for your child and you!

Communion Catering, Confirmation Bat and Bar Mitzvah

To organize a beautiful feast of communion, several details have to be given so that you can discuss it with your caterer. Communion festivals are often an opportunity for your children to gather all their friends. It is not uncommon for them to prefer a cold buffet and a tailored menu for their tastes rather than a seated communion meal, which is more popular with adults.

For a party with children, the sweet buffet is also one of the key points of the event: candy bars, ice-cream parlors, these stands will surely delight all the little ones as the biggest! Talk to your caterer about the desserts of the festival: decorated cake according to the theme desired by your child or buffet of pastries, you will necessarily find the solution that will suit you!

Budget is one of the key concepts to organize a party. This is why it is important to talk about it right from the start with your caterer so that he can offer you the best formula, adapted to your desires but also to your financial means!

For a meal of bar mistva or bat mitzvah, know that we list several caterers hide who will offer you menus of bar mistva kosher.

Caterer Communion: our selection

We selected 12 caterers from the wide range of communion / bar mitzvah caterers located in Geneva, Neuchatel, Lausanne and Valais. Professionals and experienced event service caterers, these caterers will only carry you through their delicious menus!
Lobby Bar
Madeleine traiteur
Au petit délice
Terre Vaudoise
Au cœur des saveurs
Boucherie Jemmely
La Gastronome
Cuisine Evasion
Lavaux Rêves

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