Caterer for your holidays season

Caterer for Christmas and New Year

traiteur fin d'année NoëéHave you decided that this year it is your turn to organize the traditional end of year dinner? What a great idea ! If only the simple idea of harnessing yourself to the preparation of the festive menu did not give you cold sweat! What about just use the services of a home caterer? Swiss Take Away offers you the best option to spend all your holiday dinners with serenity, thanks to our selection of caterers for the holidays season.

Caterer delivery for the holidays season

Ah! Christmas, receptions, family meals … Nice moments as long as you stay a guest! But as soon as you are the host, the task becomes heavier between the menu to be imagined, the shopping to buy and the meal to prepare, the kitchen to tidy! For this, every year many households use the service of a caterer at home for all the organization of their family meals of the holidays season. A nice opportunity to enjoy delicious family moments without thinking about the cooking of the turkey or the shelling of seafood.

Having a caterer for his Christmas meals is therefore the guarantee of an exceptional meal around delicious gastronomic dishes. Several choices are available to you. For a traditional Christmas menu for example, choose the classic blinis with smoked salmon, foie gras, turkey and a Yule log. For a little less ordinary meal, just opt for a menu with Asian flavors or even for a Lebanese buffet! This will surprise your guests and could bring the fancy touch needed to every party!

A chef at home for a festive Christmas Eve!

Apart from deliveries catering at home, do you know that you can use the services of a real chef at home who will prepare on the spot all your Christmas or New Year dinner. However, take into account the fact that such a service may be more expensive on Christmas Eve and holidays.

If you have decided to use a caterer for your festive meals, do not wait to order their services anymore. The caterers are overwhelmed on holiday events. It would be a pity if you have to wander at the last moment in the frozen shelves of your supermarket because of lack of available caterer! Ask for a quote for two or three caterers in your area, specifying the number of guests but also everything that should be included: drinks, desserts, etc.

To celebrate the end of the year in your company for a festive dinner, order and organize it in advance. The organization of corporate holiday parties requires a great preparation beforehand by choosing the right date and the appropriate animations. The bigger the number of guests is, the better it will be for you to book the event catering in advance, to make sure you have no problems at the last moment.

Book your holiday season caterer at Swiss Take Away

Swiss Take Away is the perfect partner for all your parties and offers you a wide selection of the best caterers in Switzerland. Find on our site all catering professionals classified by specialties and region. Choose quickly the best caterer and spend with them delicious and quite holidays season!

Here is our own selection, just for you :

– Mayor traiteur
– Genecand
– Lobby Bar
– Boucherie Leuba
– La boucherie Gilles Pradervand
– Au cœur des saveurs
– Les 2 Chefs
– Les Gourmands
– Aux 3 petits cochons

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