Caterer wedding and special occasions

Wedding caterer: make the right choice!

Your wedding is a unique day in the life of a couple and therefore you cannot afford to deal with amateurs! Swiss Take Away is here to help you find the best wedding caterers in the region. Whether you are in Geneva, Neuchatel, Lausanne or the canton of Valais, we are here to help you finding who will make your wedding party the most beautiful day of your life, at least tastefully!

Impress your guests and your palate with the best professionals in the region’s catering service by selecting from the wide range of wedding caterers, the one who will propose you the perfect menu. From the composition of the menu to the on-site service, our caterers take care of everything for you!

Wedding caterer: price buffet or wedding meal

Before signing with a caterer, please make a list of important criteria regarding the organization of your evening. These details will help your future wedding caterer to offer you the formula, which suits the best with your needs and budget. Depending on the number of guests or the type of the meal (seated meal or wedding buffet), the price will obviously be different. It’s up to you to choose according to your budget as well as the atmosphere you want to give. Do not forget to include in your list the wedding cake or the wine of honor for the town hall. We will help you to find the best cheap wedding caterer who will fill all your expectations!

For the composition of the menu, describe to your caterer the room: chic or country, it is necessary that the agreement is on your plate! Buffet cold or exotic, again, it’s up to you!

If some of your guests have dietary restrictions, this is also the time to talk about it!

To make it easier for you to take charge of the event, we suggest contacting a project manager who can assist you throughout the organization of your wedding parties that you do not have to deal with all these technical details on your day! He or she will also be in contact with your wedding caterer to resolve any problems or details during the day or evening.

Caterer: The selection of Swiss Take Away

Because Swiss Take Away is the partner of all your parties, we have selected for you 14 wedding caterers from the regions of Geneva, Valais and Lausanne. Having already a long experience in the field of wedding catering service, these caterers will make your party the event of your life! Attentive to the creation of a tailor-made wedding menu, the only way your guests will fell it is impressed!

– Lobby Bar
– Maiergrill
Le Temps est venu
Home gourmet
– Au coeur des saveurs
– Lavaux Rêves
– Les 2 chefs
Délices & Co
La boucherie Gilles Pradervand
Delicatessen traiteur
Baffo traiteur
Aux deux portes

Of course, this is only a small selection of caterers but there are still a lot of them located all over Switzerland, to be discovered on our site! We invite you to get there as soon as possible so that you can compare the different catering offers and their prices for a wedding buffet or a more traditional seated meal.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wedding catering project. One of our advisors will call you back as soon as possible to inform you and answer all your questions.