Catering in Sion

Caterer Sion: the embarrassment of choice

catering-traiteur-sion-sittenLike a jewel, the city of Sion nestles in the heart of the valley of the Rhone. Sion is an extraordinary city and offers an exceptional setting for all your events. And exceptional setting necessarily assumes a menu to the height! Swiss Take Away is here to help you finding the best caterer in Sion.

Fortunately, in the city of Sion and the canton of Valais is a wide range of caterers ready to meet your most unique culinary desires! Able to make your banquet tailor-made, you will only have to sit back and enjoy the wonderful meals offered by the best catering services in Sion.

Depending on the events you wish to organize: wedding, anniversary, communion, cocktail party or company party, Swiss Take Away helps you to select the ideal catering in Sion for your party.

Caterer Sion: Chinese, Thai, Cheap, Home delivery service

Want exoticism with a wedding caterer like no other? Opt for the best Chinese caterer in Sion, Tran Take away asiatique . For a more classic choice, treat your guests with delicious Italian specialties from Sion‘s Cuisine Evasion caterer. Namely that many caterers in Sion also do a catered delivery service throughout the canton of Valais!

The budget of your catering is a key factor for the organization of your evening. Talk with your caterer to select the ideal menu, tailored to your tastes, yours and your wallet! There are different kinds of packages, ask them directly and they will be happy to answer you!

Caterer Sion: Our selection

Are you looking for a caterer in Sion or in the canton of Valais? Swiss Take Away has selected for you 7 caterers in Sion to guide you in the choice of a caterer for your event. Professionals and knowing how to adapt to any desire, you will necessarily find your happiness among these caterers:

Les 2 Chefs
La diligence
Aux 3 petits cochons
– La Gastronome
– Zenhäusern
– Galetto

Let us assist you in all your events, small and large by offering you a wide selection of caterers located in Sion or in the canton of Valais.

Contact us today and one of our advisors will call you back as soon as possible to start studying your project!