Asiatic Food

With SwissTakeAway embark upon a culinary journey from Switzerland to the heart of Asia. You can enjoy the incredible flavours of Asian cuisine thanks to restaurants in your town. Discover the best Asian dishes by home delivery or collection. Enjoy a meal with friends and family, exploring and sharing Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai specialities.

Asian Food: Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, India

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Japanese food lovers can order an assortment of sushi, just like at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, or delicious Yakitori chicken skewers. Cooked in water or sautéed, Japanese Udon and Soba noodles accompany your Japanese dishes for lunch or as a meal tray (bentô style).
Treat yourself to excellent Vietnamese recipes, enjoy the famous Phở soup, some spring rolls or Bò bún, a refreshing rice vermicelli salad with sautéed beef and vegetables. Connoisseurs may opt for bánh xèo, Vietnamese pancakes that are usually eaten with salad.
You can also enjoy Chinese cuisine without having to cross the Great Wall of China: steamed Shanghai specialities, wok cooking, spring rolls and Peking duck. China’s eight great regional cuisines offer a range of dishes that vary in both colour and texture.
For sophisticated palates there’s the spicy dishes of Thai cuisine, or the spicy blends (masala) of Indian cuisine. If you like taking risks, then go on a taste adventure and try durian, this Southeast Asian fruit has deterred many people.

All the flavours of Asia, in your home

Thousands of flavours that delight your taste buds in a heartbeat: sweet and sour sauce, wasabi, sesame, coriander, turmeric, ginger and many more. Swiss restaurants and caterers are there every week offering you a taste of Asia’s traditional culinary specialities. In no time at all, you too can master the art of chopsticks, just like foodies in Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea.

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