Healthy food

Health is at the heart of people’s concerns, and is closely linked to our diet. The first essential step to ensuring our well-being is healthy eating, which starts with the ingredients we chose to put on our plates.

Organic produce

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Eating organic food is not only a great way of improving your diet, but it is also good for the planet. Thanks to international standards and labelling for organic farming, organic produce is guaranteed to be without any GMOs or artificial chemicals, and it helps protect the environment. Many restaurants now have organic dishes on their menus, offering optimal nutrition and taste. Organic food lets you rediscover the natural, delicious taste of fresh fruit & vegetables…as they used to be.

Vegetarianism and Veganism

Many people have now chosen to stop eating fish & meat on a daily basis. A varied, balanced vegetarian diet is a healthy way to meet all your nutritional needs. This is possible thanks to the diversity of vegetarian foods: fruits, vegetables, leguminous plants, cereals and nuts.
Out of respect for animals, vegans abstain from consuming any kind of animal product. Dairy products, eggs and honey are therefore excluded from a Vegan diet. Some Vegan restaurants propose complete menus excluding all animal products and products tested on the animals.

Everyone’s diet is different

Whatever your reason may be, you have decided to adopt a special diet, but this should not prevent you from eating out. Restaurants have taken on-board what the public wants when it comes to healthy eating, and some now even propose Paleo (free from any processed ingredients) or Raw Food dishes.
If you have any allergies or food intolerance, it is advisable to check the composition of the meals on offer. Do not hesitate to ask the chef directly if you are not sure, so as to avoid any contact with allergens. People suffering from celiac disease, in particular, can also choose a Gluten-Free menu, guaranteed to contain no traces of gluten.
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