Lebanese caterer

A Lebanese caterer for your event

You are looking for an event caterer for a family celebration (wedding, birthday, baptism) or for a corporate event (seminar, team building, incentive)? Why not choose a Lebanese caterer? This healthy and tasty cuisine will charm the most difficult of your guests! A very good choice for all your deliveries home catering too.

Find on Swiss Take Away exceptional Lebanese caterers for a high quality organization of all your family and corporate events. Find the best Lebanese catering service in your area (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Sion, Valais and the rest of Switzerland) for an exceptional service that matches with your expectations and your budget!

Lebanese caterer: a wide choice of menus, at home or catering

Whether you organize a buffet or a seated meal, Lebanese cuisine is perfect for all your receptions. This cuisine with Mediterranean and Oriental roots is renowned for its tasty and generous dishes. Colorful and healthy, it’s also a great choice for home delivery catering when you receive friends or to rest for a long day!

For a buffet or a cocktail reception, make the choice of mezzés, these delicious Lebanese tapas. Our Lebanese caterers offer you a wide choice of mezzés for all your events, it’s up to you! Fresh or cooked salads, tabbouleh, kebbés with minced meat, houmous cuts, eggplant caviar, fallafels … These mezzés by their wide choice will satisfy all your guests! Also note that Lebanese cuisine includes a lot of vegetarian dishes, a good choice if you opt for a vegetarian catering event or if your guests are themselves vegetarians or vegans.

Grilled meats and dishes based on marinated chicken and minced meat are a classic Lebanese dish: a very good choice for all your seated receptions, weddings, anniversaries, seminars. For a more informal party, opt for delicious shawarmas with chicken, lamb or beef. Served with Lebanese rice or lentil dishes, they are a healthy but tasty menu!

Not to mention the famous Lebanese bread, delicious to sauce hummus, tahiné and other purees highly appreciated in all the cocktails, buffets and cocktails!

Lebanese caterer: our selection

Swiss Take Away has selected for you 6 Lebanese caterers located in the cities of Lausanne, Geneva, Sion, Neuchâtel  to help you organizing your event. These specialists of Lebanese cuisine will be able to charm all your guests with their Lebanese cuisine or for a catering meal at home.

Keyann Bistro Libanais
Fouad traiteur
La diligence
– La Caravane Passe
– Café l’ami-ami

For more information on all our Lebanese caterers, send us a message via the contact form, our advisor will call you back as soon as possible to answer all your questions!