Ordering a caterer at home

Your caterer at home

traiteur à domicileA romantic evening, a family birthday, a professional meeting or a great Sunday meal; every occasion is good to order a caterer at home! But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of a home caterer? What should you take care of ? Swiss Take Away, catering specialist in all Swiss cantons tells you more!

Catering at home: like at a restaurant but at home!

Do you ever have dreamt to organise a meal at home (or at work) but your culinary skills are not satisfying? Do you want to prepare a romantic dinner and avoid  tiding up the kitchen? Do you have a professional appointment at the office and would you like to do this around a meal? It seems like the home catering option is perfect for you!
Indeed, the catering at home service offers many advantages!

The first one is obviously the complete managing of the kitchen and the household. To care out cooking for an important meal means having a high source stress: between the menu to be imagined, the shopping to buy and the dishes to prepare, it takes little to feel overwhelmed. A home catering will have the advantage to vanish this stress and let you enjoy your meals with your guests. There is nothing worse than being busy around the stoves without being able to spend time with your friends!

About housekeeping, according to the caterers can the meals arrive already hot or just waiting to be reheated. At the end of the meal, just throwing the packaging of your feast in the appropriate trash will be enough. It is a huge time saver compared to the washing of all the dishes you should have used for the preparation and the reception of your guests.

In addition to the meal, you also have to take care of the decoration (for example if you organize a birthday at your place), the option caterer at home also allows you to concentrate on this task without having to juggle between pots and confetti.

Ordering a caterer at home is also an effective way to surprise your guests with an original menu. As example, choose an Asian caterer or Indian caterer for your romantic evening, enough to make your lover travel!
For a unique experience, some caterers also offer the services of a real chef at home who will prepare under your eyes and in your own kitchen the whole meal! You just have to book a caterer and a menu and he/she will take care of everything!

All home chefs are on Swiss Take Away!

On Swiss Take Away, find all the best catering service providers in your region (Valais, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel …). Experienced since years in the delivery at home, these caterers will be able to let their whole talents and know-how at your disposal, away to make your meal a unique and tasty moment. Categorized by specialty and region, choose the best caterer at home on Swiss Take Away.

Here is our own selection, just for you :

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Les gourmandins
– Café-Restaurant Au Petit Collège
– MV Traiteur
– Alpha-traiteur
– Saveur et Gourmandises
– Vito Viande
– Genecand

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