Quick food

Convenient and appealing, fast food attracts those who are pressed for time and want an enjoyable meal on the go. The ever original menus are available for eat-in or to take away.

Amis déjeunant dans un fast-foodThe hamburger: the fast food star

A genuine fast food icon around the world, the hamburger, which is often thought of as American, actually has its origins in Germany (specifically the city of Hamburg). Initially consisting of two burger buns filled with minced meat and salad, it has been reinvented time and again. From choosing the flour used in the bread (white bread with sesame seeds vs brown wholemeal bread), to the patty (meat or even vegetarian), all the ingredients can be varied to suit your taste.

Pizza to share

This Italian classic, has had no problem exporting itself all over the world. Pizza is regularly found on dinner tables during evenings with friends and TV sessions at home. Cut into slices, it’s easy to eat and enjoy, so long as you don’t take the last slice without a democratic vote!
Pizza can be made with all kinds of food, from the Four Cheese Pizza to the Régina or the more unusual Hawaiian with pieces of pineapple. Before deciding on toppings, there’s another crucial question: a thin and crispy base or thick and soft? Choose which side you’re on!

The art of snacking

Fast food excels in its ability to provide you with food when you are feeling a bit peckish. Snacks, kebabs, sandwiches and portions of chips meet our impromptu snacking needs. Food trucks and Street Food are growing in popularity in big cities, at lunchtime in particular.

Finally, don’t forget to have water and salad with your meal and that it’s important to vary your meal types to enjoy a balanced diet. Bon appétit!

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