Traditional Swiss Cuisine

Switzerland’s traditional, gourmet cuisinedraws its richness and diversity from its proximity to Germany, France and Italy. Its comforting dishes warm up wintertime meals and can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends. With SwissTakeAway these tasty dishes are available for home delivery or collection.

Traditional Swiss German Cuisine

Every region in Switzerland has its own recipe for the most traditional Swiss German speciality: the rösti. Eaten throughout the country, it has even given its name to the symbolic border between French and German-speaking Switzerland: the Rôstigraben. This potato fritter is combined with bacon and onions in Bern or with cheese in the Appenzell region.

Other Swiss German culinary specialities include croûte au fromage Appenzell style, viande séchée des grisons (air-dried meat from Grison) and Obwald-Style cheesecake, as well as Solothurn and Bern style stews.

Swiss Romandie Cuisine

The French-speaking part of Switzerland demonstrates its specific culinary style with its wine and hearty dishes from its cantons. Lake Geneva provides delicious fish that is consumed in a number of different ways: smoked, fresh, in terrine or in soup. It goes very well with white wine, the grape varieties of Neuchâtel are all particularly well-known.

Fondue is categorised by geographical location: Vacherin Fribourgeoise fondue, fondue jurassienne or even three cheese fondue neuchâteloise. In Valais, the raclette and the cheese fondue shine alongside the region’s significant wine production.

Swiss Italian Cuisine

In Ticino, the only canton where Italian is the main language, the influences of typical Italian cuisine can be seen clearly. The Italian culinary identity in Switzerland tends to be seen in minestrone or the famous osso buco, a stew of wine-braised veal often served with yellow saffron risotto Milanese. Served boiled or as galettes, corn polenta is a delightful accompaniment to rabbit and veal dishes in Ticino.

For dessert, there’s brioche filled with dried and candied fruit known as panettone, along with Malcantone chestnut soufflé and other wine-based sweets such as zabaione. And let’s not forget the delicious milk chocolate enjoyed by food lovers all over Switzerland.

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