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10 advices to make his restaurant profitable

Whether you have opening or to taking over an existing restaurant as a project, once the first steps successfully passed, there will be still the main step: which is to continue making your restaurant profitable on the long term.

In its series of articles on the culinary consulting, Swiss Take Away presents you today 10 advices to boost the rentability of your restaurant. Make your choice and good luck!


1. Work on the concept

The concept of a restaurant is, besides the quality of the menu, the determining factor of its success. It is thus important to non-stop hone it to be always up to date with the trends. Do not be afraid of changing and proposing meals meeting to the new needs for your customers! For example: vegan cooking, rowfood (vineyard), glutenfree, the use of BIO products! Value your offers and your concept with your customers and propose them the take away!

2. Novelties in the menu

Not to tire your customers, propose some new meals often, no matter of it is according to the seasons or the arrivals. Keep nevertheless the classics but do not be afraid of proposing of the novelty. Obviously, be always coherent with your theme / concept!

3. Novelties in the supplies

Think of diversifying the offer of your restaurant to reach the largest number possible, increasing the rentability each hour. The morning for example is the perfect moment to propose brunches (very fashionably these days). In the afternoon which is often the off-peak time restaurant, do propose some pastries and with hot tee. In the evening, do share with your customers some excellent cocktails! And for the “in a hurry” customers, think of proposing delicious take away food – Who can by the way serve you as calling cards for the people who still do not know your restaurant!

4. Study your competitors

It is essential to always keep an eye on the competitors. Whether the establishments are surrounding you or on the Internet, to know what happen around you can only help you to improve and offer the best of yourself.

5. Make your banqueting halls rentable for seminars or training!

Restaurants do not use the rooms of their establishment at their maximum. Only for a minimum of investment, which means the purchase of a projector and a white screen, the dining rooms become an ideal welcome place for a teambuilding, a seminary, a private event or a training. Do not forget to promote it to the companies of your region!

6. Transform your restaurant in a culture place

Several restaurants show artworks on their walls. Contact the artists of your city or quarter to know if they would be interested in such a partnership. With a benefit for any purchase of work and the organization of various varnishings, your restaurant can quickly become a place of culture, attracting gourmands and art lovers!

Also propose your restaurant to associations as a place for debates or conferences.

7. Transform your restaurant in a co-working room

Nowadays while the co-working spaces are rising, a young start-up, FrenchWork, has just been created in France with the clever idea to monetize the off-peak hours of restaurants to make it workspaces. In return of a financial remuneration, rent your restaurant during its free time hours and benefit, besides the sum of the rent, the visibility increased with new customers!

8. Develop the loyalty of your customers

Cherish your customers by proposing them the whole year “faithful” special offers, competitions, music but also offers sponsoring, birthday, etc.

9. The terrace? Not only in summer!

Invest in a closable terrace to be able to share it with your customers all year round. Several solutions exist, up to you to choose among the existing models! Attention however do not put a too important number of cutlery. We kindly remind you that for the installation of a terrace you will have to ask for an authorization from your municipality.

10. Invest without stopping

These advices can obviously turn out useful but the most important is still to be ceaselessly keeping investing in your restaurant. Just remember that more than anything, your motivation is the key of your success! Go ahead without fear, listen to your entourage remarks and trust yourself, you are already on the right way.

For more advices and for an even more personalized follow-up, please contact us as quickly as possible on Swiss Take Away. One of our advisers will come back to you as soon as possible!

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How to open its restaurant in Switzerland ?

Before opening your restaurant, 10 essential points to follow :

comment ouvrir son restaurant

In Switzerland at the national level:

  1. Choose your company typ:
  2. The court’s responsibility to complete the insurance of damages water and fire
  3. His concept of hygiene and auto-control creation (HACCP)
  4. Apply for the permit application and show an ability certificate (according to the canton – further information below)
  5. Respecting the special regulations (alcohol, noise, etc.)
  6. To inform about the national collective agreement and to respect it (L-GAV – compulsory for the Swiss hospitality industry)
  7. To comply with the regulations of tobacco consumption, hygienic regulations, fire protection and building protection
  8. Sign up for SUISA for copyright & music use
  9. Register his employees at the social insurance & the pension fund (2nd pillar) and conclude a contract with the accident insurance and health insurance
  10. Register at the VAT

The secrets to open your restaurant without difficulty

Before you get started, get the best advice for your project! What are the administrative procedures? Is my project viable? What to start with ? What are the pitfalls to avoid … in addition to the training, receive an hour of professional consulting on your project of opening or resumption of restaurant! Courses are given in french.

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