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10 advices to create a restaurant in Switzerland

You wish to launch into the opening of your restaurant?

comment ouvrir son restaurantHave you ever dreamed about opening your own restaurant? A place which resemble you and where you could serve a delicious cooking to the original theme? Swiss Take Away presents you here 10 advices to open a restaurant in Switzerland.
Obviously, every advice represents a decisive step in the organization of your project and it is thus very important to neglect no part!

Find a winner concept

Nowadays, with the rise of the media and the social networks, a consumer does not go to the restaurant just to eat anymore. It is thus the originality of the place that, maybe even before the menu, can charm him! Therefore, it is important to think about an original and unique concept to be able to mark down you from the opening of your new restaurant.
Name, atmosphere, menu, type of clientele, all that details are to be studied away to be able to propose to your customers a restaurant they will adore!

Find the perfect place for your restaurant

The location of your new restaurant is one of the most important criteria for the success of your project. Several details are to be analyzed as the presence of parking lots nearby, other restaurants or public transportation. You also must verify that there is enough passage and that the passers-by are a part of your aimed clientele (tourists or professionals the time of a meal break?).

The area of the room is also an important criterion because from there will depend the number of possible cutleries.

Do a market research before opening your restaurant

Before launching you into, make a market study in the district which interests you to open your restaurant. Go to tasting the restaurants of your quarter and try to estimate the clientele which sits at the table on the place: what is their budget? Their expectations? Of how long have they to eat?

Keep an eye open at the time of the lunch break and look where are the longest queue and why these restaurants work more than others.

Build the provisional budget/business plan of your future restaurant

This step is crucial because it will later convince your future partners (the investors, the owners of the local) about the viability of your project.
To build the business plan of your restaurant you will firstly have to determine the initial financial plan, those which will allow you to open your restaurant – including the purchase of furniture, cooking equipment, decoration, cutlery, etc.
Secondly, by studying the price of your menus and the daily charges of your restaurant (foodstuffs, price of the rent, staff expenses, etc.), to establish an idea which will allow you to see if you can cover the charges of the restaurant according to the minimum turnover to realize.
This stage is rather impressive and can put off more than one because of high detail attention it requires. Fortunately, several business plans models of restaurants exist on the Internet, they should be able to help you to see more clearly and to easily calculate your breakeven point as well as a sustainable financial plan. You can also ask for a consulting from Swiss Take Away which will help you in this very important step.

Recruiting staff to open a restaurant

To recruit some skilled staff for the opening of your new restaurant is a delicate task but so much important. At this point will depend the atmosphere in cooking but also in room, according to their motivation and their degree of experience. Especially at the beginning, while you begin, you must surround yourself with motivated profiles ready to follow you throughout the “birth” of your restaurant.

To recruit, several solutions exist: the word of mouth, the traditional sites of announcements but also some specialized in the recruitment of the domain of the restoration.

You can also contact the schools of restoration and hotel business of the region to put down announcements there directly.

The administrative status of your restaurant

Before opening your restaurant, you will have to fulfill several administrative formalities which can differ according to your canton.

You will need to obtain a restaurant owner’s license with a short education but also a specialized license if your establishment sells on-site or take away eat, proposes alcoholic drinks or not, offers catering services, etc. Other trainings can be necessary.

Contact the business police department of your canton for more information. Swiss Take Away gives you the keys to open a restaurant in Switzerland.

Choose the legal status of your restaurant

There are several legal statuses according to the form of exploitation chosen as your restaurant. It is advised to appeal to a legal advisor so that they can recommend you the status the most adapted to your situation. Swiss Take Away offers you this possibility thanks to its simple and effective legal department. Contact your Chamber of Commerce and the job center of your canton to be able to receive advice and support during all the constitution of your project there.

Manage the communication in the restaurant

The advertising is very important because at the beginning it will especially attract the gourmands towards your new restaurant. For that purpose, neglect no media, whenever it is digital or not: Facebook, Instagram, flyers, tasting in the street, registration to generic directories or with platforms of restaurants such as Swiss Takeaway.

It is also very important to have a quality Web site including the possibility of reserving on the spot, the presence of the menu and the today’s meals.

Optimize it at the maximum with a good strategy as well as an enthusiastic and resourceful community manager.

Delivery and Restauration

Nowadays, more and more people call on to the delivery service of meals from restaurants. You can choose to commit your own deliverers but also trust to companies specialized in the meal deliveries such as Smood, Foodarena, Eatzer, etc. Be careful though, these delivery services have a very high cost.

On Swiss Take Away, the model is different. Once a significant number of restaurants by district or region is reached, a delivery system is organized. Expenses are then shared.

Motivation, creativity & determination

To become restaurant owner is a long-term job which requires a lot of motivation and investments. But you should not lose your courage anyway: surround yourselves with good people, believe in yourself, and you will reach the target!

Motivation, creativity and determination are the key words of the wonderful adventure which is waiting for you!

On this good advice, we invite you to discover the other advice articles on the opening or the takeover of a restaurant. Discover them in the column “culinary Consulting” of your blog Swiss Take Away!

Need for help? Contact us via our form of contact for any request of advice and support. Our advisers are available for any question or request of information!

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How to open its restaurant in Switzerland ?

Before opening your restaurant, 10 essential points to follow :

comment ouvrir son restaurant

In Switzerland at the national level:

  1. Choose your company typ:
  2. The court’s responsibility to complete the insurance of damages water and fire
  3. His concept of hygiene and auto-control creation (HACCP)
  4. Apply for the permit application and show an ability certificate (according to the canton – further information below)
  5. Respecting the special regulations (alcohol, noise, etc.)
  6. To inform about the national collective agreement and to respect it (L-GAV – compulsory for the Swiss hospitality industry)
  7. To comply with the regulations of tobacco consumption, hygienic regulations, fire protection and building protection
  8. Sign up for SUISA for copyright & music use
  9. Register his employees at the social insurance & the pension fund (2nd pillar) and conclude a contract with the accident insurance and health insurance
  10. Register at the VAT

The secrets to open your restaurant without difficulty

Before you get started, get the best advice for your project! What are the administrative procedures? Is my project viable? What to start with ? What are the pitfalls to avoid … in addition to the training, receive an hour of professional consulting on your project of opening or resumption of restaurant! Courses are given in french.

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